Are you a company/brand/store/private person?
What can I do for you?

  • STORY FOR YOUR CLIENT:An Instagram/Facebook story on your brand page.
  • STORY FOR MY CLIENTS: An Instagram/Facebook story on the Allsaintseve Instagram/Facebook page that 45 K potential clients of yours can see and interact with. They will have a link to your page as well.
  • WEEKLY STORIES: I could come by in your store each week and make stories of your service, new arrivals or the pieces that you want to highlight for your clients. The prices or even brands can be included in the story so that clients can directly ask you to make a reservation for a certain piece or service.
  • POST FOR YOUR CLIENTS:A post on your Instagram or Facebook brand page.
  • POST FOR MY CLIENTS:A post on the Allsaintseve Instagram or Facebook page that 45 K potential clients can see, like and interact with
  • SEASONAL POSTS: Each season I come in and select a few outfits or products (mostly 2 or 3) that I will promote on your, mine and my photographer’s Instagram and Facebook page for that particular selling season. Of each outfit or product I will post 2 to 3 pictures during the season. Also for you this is very interesting because you can use the pictures as well to give your sales a boost.
  • WEBSHOP PICTURES: I can model for your webshop and provide a studio or a location. I also know a lot of other models and work together with a great photographer.
  • FASHION STYLIST:Hire my as a fashion stylist in your shop, on your event, on your open day, on your ladies night, etc.,… I will make people feel at their best!
  • FASHION SHOW: Hire my for your fashion show, I will show your new collection to your customers and I can bring other models as well.
  • MAKE UP ARTIST: Hire my as a make up artist for your models, shoots or just for you 😊 I am graduating from the international well known make-up school MUD which is making me a certified make up artist soon.
  • EVENTS:Hire my as a blogger/stylist/model/MUA at events to talk about fashion, make stories/posts about the opening or anniversary of your shop, etc.,…


Make me your brand ambassador for one year. I will be “the face” of your brand, shop and promotions and increase your reach and brand awareness accordingly.

Curious about my work? I’ve already worked together with a lot of brands and shops, check out a few of them in the collaboration tab.


Twist en tango

Mais oui

Maaike kleedt

Bellami beauty


And…there’s much more. Let’s talk! Mail me for info & Prices at info@allsaintseveblog.com and let’s boost your brand together!