Sandal Slipper Black Golden Studs Auguste

You all know the feeling… bought some shoes…again. Unfortunately, after wearing them once, you’ll find yourself crying with blisters at the pharmacy.

Wouldn’t it be great to wear shoes that look amazing and fit your feet the same way?

As I am a big advocate of “IkKoopBelgisch”, which basically means you buy fashion- and design labels out of your own country, I’m always on the lookout for Belgian brands.

That’s how I recently discovered the luxury shoe brand “Maison Auguste”. Shoes are 100 % leather, designed in Belgium and handmade in Spain.

Luc Dereu is the designer of this brand. His life purpose is to create shoes that reflect the strong woman who is wearing them. He wants to attract strong ladies that are honest and not afraid to just ‘be’. Women, that love shoes of high quality and are happy to wear them with great style.

Why settle for a dime a dozen when you have the opportunity to shine? No mainstream trends here!

My boots. My partners in crime. My Auguste.

In this collection you do not only find studded loafers, but the perfect boots, sneakers, sandals, espadrilles and heels as well. Remember, the central theme remains authenticity, quality, design and comfort.

Don’t you want these Belgian studded leather loafers in your closet?

Sandal Slipper Black Golden studs Auguste by Maaike Kleedt

Pictures by Take The Shot