About Pinkpop 2018

Last weekend, Allsaintseve had the chance to visit the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf, Holland and experience the upcoming and already famous musical talent of 2018. It must be said: The Pinkpop programme lived up to it’s expectations. Headliners such as Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Snow Patrol, The Script and the Editors made the public go wild.

If’ you are addicted to tons of food and special drinks, this is the place to be. Allsaintseve tested a special rosé apple cider and chicken with peanut sauce. Of course there were lots of other options too…

On the whole, Allsaintseve loved the atmosphere at the festival, but the organisation could have been better. As she was a newbie on this terrain it was hard to find her way through the crowd because of the lack of signs. Luckily she could just follow the music ;-).

She appreciated the “Garden of Love”, which is a stage in the middle of the woods. It is the perfect location for more intimate romantic concerts. She saw a performance of Riley Pearce and must admit he touched her soul even more than the other ones did.

About my outfit


As it is hard to be fashionable but still comfortable on a festival, you really have to think your outfit through. Allsaintseve was torn between a romantic maxi flowerdress and a black ripped jeans. As she was preparing for a real “Belgian summer” (I.e.: A summer that is not a real summer, it’s freezing cold), she went for the ripped jeans, a bloggersshirt from Matuvu Fashion Agency and of course every fashionista’s festival musthave: a kimono.

Perfect boots to survive festival season

Thankfully, she had no doubt about the shoes she would be wearing. Allsaintseve recently discovered the Australian brand “Blundstone” and was convinced they would fit this occasion perfectly.

Why is Allsaintseve in love with these boots?
1. They are made out of the strongest leather
2. They are water- and dirt resistant
3. They are perfect size and comfortable to wear all day long (even while dancing)
4. They look stylish, even with a dress!

Blundstone has boots for men and children as well. The ones Allsaintseve is wearing are unisex.

Perfect earplugs to survive festival season

As it is one of the most annoying feelings in the world to have a ringtone in your ears for weeks, Allsaintseve was so glad she had her Blox earplugs with her to survive the festival adventure. Blox earplugs have a special acoustic filter which ensures the quality of music remains the same, but your ears don’t get damaged. Really, it’s the best.

Think you’re ready now to survive this festival season? I am!

Festival by Pinkpop
Blundstone Boots Model 068 Size 39  by Blundstone
T-shirt by Matuvu Fashion Agency
Earplugs by Blox_earplugs

Pictures by Take The Shot