Fabienne Chapot: for every confident woman who wants to stand out of the crowd

Fabienne Chapot, ever heard of it? It’s an upcoming Amsterdam brand for selfconfident woman who like prints and colours in their closet or as they call it “Boldly Feminine” with an outspoken, but highly feminine mix of colours, prints and imaginative details. First shop that ever had the collection in the Netherlands was “Bijenkorf”. There is a brandstore also in Amsterdam.

In Belgium too, more and more boutiques are discovering the brand and try to sell the collection… with succes. Chip and Dale in Wilrijk (Antwerp), DocoDoco in Lauwe, Cosi Cosi (Antwerp), Juttu (Antwerp, Gent, Brugge, Brussel, Roeselare) are just a few examples of where you can shop the collection in Belgium. And soon… there will be a brandstore of FAB in Antwerp city too! The brand is known for it’s spectacular fashion shows too, that helped the brand get a lot of exposure. Judge yourself 😉

A gap in the market: Colours

Fabienne Chapot is created out of a gap in the market: namely colours. FAB decided it was time to get rid of the minimalistic and dark retail environment. And so the colourful DNA from FAB was born! The ready-to-wear line is “something new” and looks sophisticated.

Instant happiness

Everybody has seen the lobsters somewhere already, right? And if you don’t, you will not be able to ever forget about them now ;-).

Fabienne Chapot, “FAB” for short, focuses on a few new prints (mostly fruits or animals) every season. For every print they created for example the boyfriend dress (a classic model, looks good on really anyone), a long dress, a t-shirt, a blouse, a jumpsuit, a short, a top, a trousers and so on. No difficult decisions to make here as you can see the possible combinations right away.

Trending: Prints all the way

“Print-on-print” is the new “Ton-sur-Ton”. Try to combine a printed trousers with a printed t-shirt for example and get complimented all day, I bet on it 🙂
You’ll find some basic clothing in the collection as well. Cardigans or t-shirts with a small patch or a chic trousers make the collections worth looking at.
The AW 18 collection is now in store, so go check it out! I cannot show you the SS19 collection of Fabienne Chapot yet, but I have seen it and I can tell it looks very promising and you will totally love it <3

Did you know…?

  • Did you know Fabienne Chapot is the name of the creator of the fashion label and she started creating the brand at the age of 25?
  • The brand started to sell bags and purses first in 2006?
  • FAB was inspired by a trip to Bali she made after feeling she was not cut for an office job?
  • The fashion label only started 2 years ago with their first ready-to-wear line?
  • The brand will come up with a home collection (cutlery, pillows, decoration). From september on it will be available! Stay tuned 🙂

Pictures, Clothing and Accessories by Fabienne Chapot