Allsaintseve, a fashion blog by Eva Vereecke, originated out of a sincere passion for women’s style, beauty and fashion. Allsaintseve attempts to express her style through original pieces while remaining faithful to timeless, quality basics.

You can find Eva Vereecke, 27 years old in Ghent, Belgium. Eva graduated as a Master Multilingual Communication German & French. In addition she has obtained a postgraduate in Marketing Management. She is currently finishing her training in the international make-up school MUD because she aims to become a certified makeup artist as well. Beyond that, she is combining her job as a blogger with one in a fashion agency. A career in fashion has always been a priority for her.

She has been mainly active through her Instagram profile, working for different brands and shops. However it is the goal to expand her reach through this newly created platform.

All content is created and produced by Eva Vereecke and her team.